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Home / News / Getting to grips with our new galley: What club members should know
Home / News / Getting to grips with our new galley: What club members should know

Getting to grips with our new galley: What club members should know

Published 08:09 on 9 May 2018

Getting to grips with our new galley: What club members should know

Thanks to all the "Galley Slaves", we have a great galley operation at South Windermere Sailing Club supplying unlimited caffeine for £1 a day as well as bacon butties on race days and more.We are very pleased we can continue our galley service in the new clubhouse.

However as the Galley is now registered with the council as a food establishment, we have to get used to some new equipment, and procedures appropriate for catering to affiliated club members.As we work out the different kitchen space, we've had to make some adjustments in how we all use the galley.

Here are some guidelines for all Club members:

  1. Please remember the Galley in the Clubhouse is a shared space with the National Trust, Rowing Club and other groups. Please make sure that after any use, you clean up thoroughly after yourself.
  2. Hot water is available at all times for drinks. On Club days, unlimited tea and coffee from Club supplies is available for £1 as always.
  3. Because of the layout of the galley and the food hygiene rules we need to follow, when food is being prepared, we need to limit the number of people in the galley – especially in between the cooking and serving areas. At these times, we will move the National Trust's tea and coffee supplies into the clubhouse for those who just want the free cup the Trust offers per day. The SWSC tea and coffee is still offered by your friendly galley slaves through the serving hatch. The galley slaves still welcome galley visitors but you may need to stay near the door/hot water boiler J.
  4. Club members may use either the refrigerator in the Galley or in the undercroft (space permitting) but must remove food at the end of the day. Anything going into either fridge must be in a proper airtight container.
  5. Club members who would like to regularly assist in the Galley are encouraged to acquire Food Hygiene Level 1 certification, which can be done online. Galley Managers are required to have Level 2 certification. Food preparation and cooking is only allowed if a certified Galley Manager is present and permits it. Certificates should be printed out and are kept, along with our food handling procedures, in the SWSC galley file on site.

For more information, please speak to Angela O'Donnell or Sara Speicher

Weekday Sailing

Are any club members interested in sailing on weekdays over the summer?
Perhaps a regular afternoon/evening?
If there are enough of us we could provide safety boat cover too.
If anyone is interested please contact Ed Mason indicating what day(s) would suit you best.

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